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hernia repair

Hernia can occur in your belly or groin area. It occurs when an organ or fatty tissue pushes through a weak tissue in the surrounding connective tissue or muscle walk.

Hernia repair surgery is a simple procedure that is done under different types of anesthesia. The following information will help you understand what to expect before the surgery and prepare for it.


Just like any other surgery, you have to give consent for the hernia surgery to be performed by signing a consent form. When you sign you acknowledge that you understand the procedure and you are aware of the potential risks. Your doctor should discuss how the surgery will be performed, the medication you will receive, post-care, etc.

In case you don’t understand something in the consent form consult your doctor. Never sign the form blindly you have to grasp everything. Ask your doctor to walk you through the consent form and only sign when you feel well informed and comfortable.

hernia surgery

Stop Medication

It is usually advised to stop any medication when you are preparing for hernia repair surgery. Some medications such as aspirin are blood thinner which may increase the bleeding during surgery. Avoid taking diet medication, natural health products, and vitamin supplements.

If you have any heart condition and you are under medication make sure that you talk to your cardiologist before the surgery. Important medication can be taken even in the morning before surgery. If your doctor allows you to take medication before surgery, do it with only a sip of water. Taking a lot of water may postpone your surgery.

Know What to Do After Surgery

There are postoperative hernia surgery instructions available online. To be sure you should ask your surgeon what to expect after the surgery. You should know the pain management options and the type of medication to take. Avoid driving immediately after the surgery.

The anesthesia and pain medication will make it unsafe to drive. Instead, have someone to take you home after the surgery. Your doctor will monitor your progress and tell you when you can go back to doing normal activities. If you are employed it’s usually advised to take a sick leave. Eat well, hydrate, and avoid too much exercise.

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Consult Your Doctor

To prepare for surgery you have to consult with your doctor. He should lay out a plan for the safest repair surgery. Your doctor will make a decision of whether to have the surgery or not from the various symptoms you have.

The first step to do after being diagnosed with a hernia is to find a good specialist. Your primary care provider may recommend a specialist for you. Talk to family and friends who had a hernia experience. It is important to write down any questions you have about hernia repairs and recovery. A good surgeon will help you understand how the procedure is done and make the hernia repair journey smoother.…