Growing Your Own Cannabis Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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Nowadays, there are many people, especially those who have their medical marijuana card and are spending a ton of money on cannabis products like CBD oils, leafs, and other cannabis products. Whether it’s from a dispensary or your caregiver, it just gets too expensive. So, many people are growing their cannabis. If you would like to cultivate and grow your own, you need to ensure that you check the best online seed banks if you would like to grow quality cannabis.

Here is a simple guide to walk you through growing to get you the main essentials that you are going to need without wasting a lot of time and money on getting your stash.


Ideal Environment and Considerations to Grow Your Cannabis

You will have to weigh and study many different factors for humidity, temperature, and so on. You will have to assess the best spot possible to grow your plant. It would be best if you did some ambient controlling for the temperature and humidity, depending on your geographic location.

Light Control

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There are two stages of growth that occur. The first stage is vegetative. Each stage has a different lighting requirement. The vegetative lighting requirement is anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four hours to prevent it from budding and keeping it in that vegetative state. The lighting for flowering is twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness. As soon as you initiate this, your plants will start the budding process that will occur in six to ten weeks once you flipped over to the twelve-twelve light cycle.

Enclosed Grow Tent

cannabis grow marijuanaThe enclosed growth tent is one of the excellent basic solutions to grow good cannabis. You want something to keep the light contained to the same hours that you set on your timer. You need to plan for environmental control that includes temperature and humidity. The cannabis plant must regulate the swings. Do not let your temperature swing more than fifteen degrees Fahrenheit between day and night. The dark period should not be lower than sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Cannabis does not like to get too hot or too cold. High temperatures can cause stretching, and low temperatures can cause all sorts of other ailments.

Do not forget the floor temperature, especially if you have little plants and are on the ground. Always remember that the roots are the entire base and life of this plant. If they are cold, the plants will suffer.


The humidity ranges are preferred to be anywhere from fifty-five to seventy percent relative humidity during the vegetative stage. That is the ideal temperature to prevent a lot of mold and other plant diseases during the flowering. You must stick to forty to fifty-five percent relative humidity. It is a bit lower because condensed buds and the humidity can build up inside those buds, resulting in molds. You can control the humidity with a basic humidifier or a dehumidifier, depending on your location.

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